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Here we have a great range of EPDM flat roofing contact adhesives, EPDM glues, mastics and accessories. Including, flat roofing trims, kerbs, flashings, handy roofing tools, all the Hertalan EPDM easy weld accessories and EPDM mastics.

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  • EPDM Glues, Mastics,...

    All the flat roof membrane adhesives that you require including EPDM glue and EPDM caulks to lay your flat roof. There are a variety of ways to glue any of our single ply membranes down. There is the KS137 contact adhesive which is the glue shown in the videos and is recommended for most installations of the rubber. For larger installations with any of our EPDM rubber membranes you can also use the KS205 which comes in its own pressurised canister and is a slow setting, easy to use spray on, contact adhesive. We also have KS96 and KS143 bonding adhesives, for jointing the rubber sheets together.

  • EPDM Flat Roofing...

    Single ply membrane EPDM flat roof accessories add the finishing touches to your flat roof solution. For you new EPDM Rubber Roof you will need all the EPDM flat roof accessories to finish the edges and make them water tight, In this category we have Internal corners, External corners, Skylight corners, outlets, scuppers, pipe covers, mouldable flashings. There is also the geotextile fleece which works as a barrier between your old roof ad EPDM membrane and is also used in green roofing by forming a protective moisture layer below the green roof substrate.

  • EPDM Flat Roof Trims

    Here we have a range of EPDM flat roofing trims for finishing off your single ply EPDM rubber roof. We offer drip trims, kerb trims and termination bars, they are all designed to finish the edges of your EPDM flat roof to make the whole system waterproof and long lasting. We offer the trims in white and black to suit your preferred finish.

  • Resitrix Accessories &...
    Resitrix Accessories & Adhesives
  • Hertalan Easy Weld...

    Hertalan Easy Weld single ply roofing accessories. This category has all the EPDM flat roofing accessories needed to complete an Easy Weld roof, from the corners to the cover strips and the welding kit. These accessories are specially designed to be used with the Hertalan EPDM Easy Weld range. Its a great easy alternative to traditional felt and has two fixing methods. The mechanical fix uses screws with pressure plates to attach the EPDM Membrane to the roofs structure. And the standard fixing method which uses contact adhesive to bond the EPDM membrane to the existing prepared roof surface.

  • ClassicBond Mastics...
  • ClassicBond Accessories
  • ClassicBond Trims
  • Single Ply EPDM Rubber...

    Here we have a range of single ply roofing tools, these are the tools that you will need to lay and fit our products. We offer a tool kit for the DIY roofer or Professional roofer that includeds all the tools to fit our EPDM Rubber Membranes. We also offer the parts separately if you already have some of the tools needed to fit an EPDM single ply membrane. We also have the welding kit, welding rope and the parts for our spray on, slow setting glue the KS205.

  • Welding Tools for...

    These Welding Tools for are Perfect for RESITRIX and Hertalan Easy Weld Systems

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Showing 1 - 20 of 131 items