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GRP Roofing

GRP is also known as Glass Reinforced plastic or fibreglass roofing. This is a flexible roofing resin with fibreglass strands used to reinforce the product. This method of roofing is very popular amongst roofers for its seamless finish.


Our systems available include PROGRP and RES-TEC.


PROGRP is a cold applied system ideal for roofs with complex detailing. It is very durable and impact resistant so can be used in applications where foot traffic is required. Non-slip walkways can be incorporated. We have a PROGRP Calculator which will use your roof measurements to create a kit of materials to suit your requirements.


One of our RES-TEC systems is the Flexitec 2020 which is a flexible, seamless, GRP system that combines the durability of fibreglass systems with the versatilty of overlay systems. It can be applied to almost any roof surface. We also carry the RES-TEC 1010 GRP system which is ideal for fresh installs. Both of these systems can be ordered as individual items or using the Flexitec 2020 calculator or RES-TEC 1010 GRP calculator.

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