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Resitrix EPDM



RESITRIX® is a hybrid product made from a reinforced EPDM with a polymer modified bitumen backing.  It's an extremely durable, easy-to-install, single-ply waterproofing membrane.  The material properties of the whole RESITRIX range guarantee ultimate efficiency and excellent welding characteristics.

Resitrix has over the last 40 years developed a product that has all the advantages of EPDM and the easy installation of modified bitumen and detailing with hot air welding. No flames are needed to install.

Over the last 40 years over 40 million square meters have been installed worldwide making it one of the fastest growing flat roofing systems in the world. The Resitrix system can be used for many applications such as walkways, flat roofing, façade work, gutters and valleys. It has also been used for train carriage roofs and boat decks showing its versatility.

In 2011 Resitrix was the fastest growing single ply roofing brand.  

We supply Resitrix SKW which is the Resitrix full bond system. You can also buy the FG35 primer in tins at 1L , 2.5L, 4.5L and 12.5L. There is also a spray version of FG35 primer which makes installation times much faster.

Combine this system with Alutrix vapour barrier in warm roofs (inverted) for unbeatable results and fast installation.

Resitrix SKW comes in 1m roll widths as standard and are 10m long. We have cut rolls of Resitrix SKW at 333mm, 500mm and 666mm.

We also have Resitrix SKW on Pallet rates for 10 Rolls and 20 Rolls.


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