Hertalan EPDM

HERTALAN EPDM - 1.2mm and 1.5mm EasyCover & EasyWeld Systems

HERTALAN comes in 1.2mm and 1.5mm and they also make our PRO-EPDM 2.0mm

  • Available in Rolls or Made 2 Measure Sheets
  • 50 Year Life Expectancy - SKZ Study
  • 25 Year BBA Approval
  • Cheapest BBA Approved EPDM System
  • European Manufactures
  • Sheets Made 2 Measure Sheets made in the Great Britain
  • Can be used in Green Roof build ups
  • Heat weldable seams on the EasyWeld system

Hertalan BBA Certificate

Hertalan SKZ 50 Year Life Span Study

Hertalan Installation Guides

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  • Hertalan 1.2mm Single...

    Hertalan 1.2mm EPDM Rubber Membrane - Single Ply Roofing

    Hertalan 1.2mm EPDM single ply roofing membranes can be used on all types of flat roofing projects. The Hertalan single ply EPDM roofing system is used through out the UK and Europe and is commonly recognised as the No 1 single ply roof system for flat roofing and green roof projects.

    Hertalan EPDM has a 25 Year BBA and is easy to install. The system uses various adhesives with KS137 contact adhesive applied by roller, KS205 spray contact adhesive for faster installation and KS143 for large areas that you don't want to use contact adhesive.

    Hertalan EPDM comes in Hertalan 1.2mm EPDM and Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM.

    • 50 Year Life Span - SKZ Study
    • Made 2 Measure Sheets
    • 25 Year BBA
  • Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM...

    Hertalan EPDM Easy Weld

    The Hertalan EPDM Easy weld flat roofing system is ideal for those who need to replace their flat roof in sections. It can be used as a flat roofing system similar to felt roofing, that is laid in strips. This flat roofing solution comes in two different specifications, both are 1.5mm thick and have a welding strip built into the EPDM rubber roll. The Mechanical system comes with fixing flaps that you use for fixing with screws and pressure plates instead of using the traditional adhesive method. Both of these flat roofing systems then use a hot air welder to weld the 2 sheets together. The standard rolls are fully or partially adhered with Hertalan adhesives. This means its easy to fit and gives a high quality finish every time.

  • Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM...

    Hertalan EPDM 1.5mm Rubber Roofing Single Ply Membrane

    Hertalan EPDM rubber roofing systems are used extensively through out Europe and the UK. The 1.5mm Hertalan EPDM rubber roofing system can be used on all flat roofs including garages, car ports and green roofs. It is also used by professionals for larger projects such as warehouses and schools. Hertalan EPDM 1.5mm is avaliable in rolls and also in made to measure sheets. Hertalan can vulcanise the EPDM into whatever sheet size and shape you require. This allows you to install the rubber in one single sheet. We sell Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM in various widths and it can be bought in 500mm increments upto a maximum of 20 metres long.

  • Hertalan Lead...

    Hertalans Lead Alternative EPDM Flashing is a great new alternative to lead work. The Hertalan lead alternative is great for both flat roof flashings and other flashing installations. Probably the easiest lead alternative flashing you have ever installed and its eco friendly.

  • Hertalan 1.0mm EPDM

    Hertalan 1.0mm EPDM

    • Same EPDM as used in the HERTALAN 1.2mm and 1.5mm
    • 10 Year Product Guarantee
    • 50 Year Life Expectancy
    • Excellent for any domestic flat roof like sheds, garages.
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Showing 1 - 20 of 23 items