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Hertalan 1.2mm Single Ply Roofing EPDM

Hertalan 1.2mm EPDM Rubber Membrane - Single Ply Roofing

Hertalan 1.2mm EPDM single ply roofing membranes can be used on all types of flat roofing projects. The Hertalan single ply EPDM roofing system is used through out the UK and Europe and is commonly recognised as the No 1 single ply roof system for flat roofing and green roof projects.

Hertalan EPDM has a 25 Year BBA and is easy to install. The system uses various adhesives with KS137 contact adhesive applied by roller, KS205 spray contact adhesive for faster installation and KS143 for large areas that you don't want to use contact adhesive.

Hertalan EPDM comes in Hertalan 1.2mm EPDM and Hertalan 1.5mm EPDM.

  • 50 Year Life Span - SKZ Study
  • Made 2 Measure Sheets
  • 25 Year BBA

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