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PRO-GRP Glassfibre Roofing System

PROGRP is our professional glass fibre roofing system that once you are trained has a 25 year manufacturers guarantee. Training can be undertaken anywhere in the UK and the PROGRP technical trainer will show you everything you need to successfully install the PRO-GRP system so it lasts.

PRO-GRP is a new advanced liquid applied Glass Reinforced Polyester flat roof system. Its a fully seamless system that allows you to take full advantage of the expanding GRP market.

PRO-GRP is a wet laid single ply GRP system made up of 2 layers of catalysed resin sandwiching a chopped strand mat. The mat is available in 450 and 600 gsm for normal and heavy duty systems.

We supply all the tools, trims and materials to complete your roof in PROGRP. We also have ready made kits with and without tools so all you need to do is add trims.

Contact us for details on training. (Prices start from £120 per person)

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