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    Hertalan EPDM Easy Weld

    The Hertalan EPDM Easy weld flat roofing system is ideal for those who need to replace their flat roof in sections. It can be used as a flat roofing system similar to felt roofing, that is laid in strips. This flat roofing solution comes in two different specifications, both are 1.5mm thick and have a welding strip built into the EPDM rubber roll. The Mechanical system comes with fixing flaps that you use for fixing with screws and pressure plates instead of using the traditional adhesive method. Both of these flat roofing systems then use a hot air welder to weld the 2 sheets together. The standard rolls are fully or partially adhered with Hertalan adhesives. This means its easy to fit and gives a high quality finish every time.

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      The Best Flat Roof Solution

      Hertalan EPDM Easy Weld Standard Fix

      The Hertalan EPDM Easy weld flat roof solution is a great single ply system designed to be laid in strips, rather than in one large flat roof membrane like the Hertalan EPDM 1.5mm system. Definitely a solution for undulating roofs and for those that are felt roofers that want to get away from the risks of blow torches. This flat roof solution gives great finishes and is easy to fit. Similar to the Mechanical Fix version it has a built in welding strip that is activated with a hot air gun, this then bonds the 2 sheets together giving a waterproof seal. Hertalans Easy Weld flat roofing solution uses a traditional adhesive glue to bond the EPDM rubber to the roof. This is a great alternative to felt and also other flat roofing materials. This easy to fit system and easy bonding method is what gives it its name. Why not start using this on your roofs?

    • Hertalan Easy Weld...

      The Best Flat Roof Solution

      Hertalan Easy Weld 1.5mm Mechanical is a great alternative to felt

      The Hertalan Easy Weld Mechanical fix is an ideal single ply flat roof solution for when you don't want to use adhesives or perhaps the conditions don't allow for blow torches. Its also a great system for flat roofs that have good solid bases to fix to. The Hertalan Easy Weld is as the name suggests easy to fit on roofs. This system uses a built in welding strip that is activated when hot air is applied to it. This welds the 2 sheets together forming a waterproof bond. This system uses screws and pressure fixing plates to attach the system to the roof, meaning there is no need to use adhesives. If you would prefer to use the standard easy weld system that uses adhesive for fixing to the roof, then we have a flat roofing solution for you too, this system is easy to fit and has the welding strip built in to the EPDM rubber.