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Benefits of EPDM – Rubber Roofing

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Benefits of EPDM – Rubber Roofing

Over 50 year life expectancy
Flexible and won’t become damaged by ice or UV as traditional materials can
Approved for use in green roofs with no need for expensive root barriers.
Ecological and Economical
Low maintenance 

EPDM - ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber is a synthetic rubber that is used in many different applications.

We supply EPDM for the following installations:
Roof Covering
Gutter Liners
DPC – Damp Proof Courses
Pond Liners

EPDM can be also used for many specialist projects. An example where EPDM has been used in a special project is for a temporary inflatable dam. Another is as a covering for lead plates used in an X-Ray machine.

EPDM rubber is also easy to install which alongside its long lasting and eco-friendly nature it’s ideal for use in your waterproofing project.

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