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ClassicBond 12 inch Uncured Flashing Tape (305mm)

£28.50 Ex Vat £34.20 Inc Vat
VAT excluded

12inch Elastoform Tape for larger patches and coverings.

Sold per LM not per roll

Same day dispatch if ordered before 12pm

Used For: Designed to form internal / external corners / awkward features / pipes / penetrations / drain outlets and any other feature where the ability to stretch and form the material is required. 305mm uncured flashing can also be used to create an inexpensive pipe boot.

Installation Notes: The EPDM surfaces to receive the flashing must be dry, clean and free from dust and dirt. Wherever un-cured flashing tapes are to be used the surface must be primed with ClassicBond  Rubber Primer and allowed to dry (touch dry), smooth side down!

External Corner Installation

Internal Cornerr Installation

Pipe Wrap Installation



Data sheet

300mm (12")

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