UK Flat Roofing Roof Kit Calculator

Our simple 3 step roof kit calculator allows you to order your roof easier.

Step 1 - Select the size of your roof
Step 2 - Select trims for your roof
Step 3 - Choose trim colour (EPDM), optional premium upgrade, internal drain (EPDM), anti slip (GRP) and tool kit

Then save your kit for later use or click the buy button. 

If you save your kit you can come back and alter it later. It will also send a link to your email address so you can access it quickly.

The buy button will ask you to enter the name of your project, your name, email address and contact number. This information is passed to one of our sales team and they will contact you or alternatively you can contact us on 0845 862 4004. We can then check over your order and send a payment link to your email address for fast and secure payment.

To get started on your roof kit please click on the brand you want to use. (If you want another product that isn't listed here eg HERTALAN, contact our sales team on 0845 862 4004 and we can help you with your order.)

ClassicBond EPDM Roof Kit Builder  PRO-GRP Roof Kit Builder