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About us

UK Flat Roofing was established in 2014 and has grown to incorporate the Simacon brand which covers many more construction materials. We have over the years branched out from Flat Roofing Products and now have a vast range of products on offer.

Part of the Simacon Group

  • UK Flat Roofing
  • Simacon Insulation
  • Simacon Roof Windows
  • Simacon Roofing
  • Simacon Fixings

As well as exclusive brands such as

  • UK Green Roofing
  • Mr Green

Our team

We are a family run business which has many years of knowledge from inside the Roofing and Building trades, as well as the last several years building the UK Flat Roofing brand.

For Flat Roofing Materials

UK Flat Roofing

For Roofing Materials

Simacon Roofing 

For Insulation

Simacon Insulation

For Green Roofing

UK Green Roofing

For Roof Window

Simacon Roof Windows

For Fixings

Simacon Fixings