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  • Deck Drain 12mm – 1.1m x 50m – 55 sq.m

Deck Drain 12mm – 1.1m x 50m – 55 sq.m

£260.00 Ex Vat £312.00 Inc Vat
VAT excluded

Deckdrain’s unique drainage core replaces the requirement for stone filter layers whilst giving superior flow. The filter geotextile prevents clogging of the core.

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Deckdrain is used in civil engineering and construction drainage applications including bridge abutments, buried structures, retaining walls, tunnels, roof gardens and covered potable water reservoirs.

Deckdrain geocomposite consists of a high strength flexible polyethylene cuspated core with a non-woven filter geotextile bonded onto one or both sides. The geotextile filters a wide range of materials whilst allowing water to percolate into the core of the geocomposite before draining to a discharge point.

Features of the Drainage Layer

  • Full role sizes - 1.1mm x 50m (55 sq.m)
  • Weight - 1.1kg per sq.m
  • Thickness - 12mm
  • Materials - Recycled high density polyethylene (HPDE) with a moisture retentive protective fleece.

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