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GrufeKit Tiles Brown Wildflower and Fleece 1 sq.m
  • GrufeKit Tiles Brown Wildflower and Fleece 1 sq.m
  • GrufeKit Tiles Brown Wildflower and Fleece 1 sq.m
  • GrufeKit Tiles Brown Wildflower and Fleece 1 sq.m
  • GrufeKit Tiles Brown Wildflower and Fleece 1 sq.m
  • GrufeKit Tiles Brown Wildflower and Fleece 1 sq.m

GrufeKit Sedum and Fleece 1 sq.m

VAT excluded
£71.99 Inc Vat

The Sedum GrufeKit is a Green Roofing Kit that has a Modular design, this allows easy installation and instant colour. There are 3.4 GrufeTiles per 1 sq.m. Accessories are available below.

1 to 2 Days Delivery

Sedum GrufeKit and Fleece 1 sq.m

The Sedum Grufe Kit is a modular green roof system that is perfect for your living roof. 3.4 GrufeKit tiles is 1 sq.m of GrufeKit.

Our minimum order on GrufeKit products is £150 inc vat – Please contact us on 07422 517 193 if you need an order less than this.


Installation is simple by following these 8 simple steps

  • Step 1 – Make sure your roof is strong enough to support the weight of the GrufeKit Green Roof
  • Step 2 – Make sure your roof is waterproof and is clean
  • Step 3 – Cover the roof in the protective fleece and cut to size approximately. You can trim the fleece accurately once the Grufe Kit tiles are laid.
  • Step 4 – Put your GrufeGuard around the edge of your roof. Cut to size and use the GrufeGuard connectors to connect the corners and joints.
  • Step 5 – Lay down the GrufeKit tiles and interlock the tiles together.
  • Step 6 – If you have areas that need partial tiles they can be cut to size to make the green roof fit perfect.
  • Step 7 – Optional – Put the Scottish Pebbles down to create walkways or a perimeter.
  • Step 8 – Trim the excess fleece and your done.


Installation Video


GrufeKit is available in 3 different options – Sedum, Sedum and Wildflower and Brown Wildflower.


The vegetation on the Sedum GrufeTile's are pre-grown with 2 to 12 varieties of sedum. The Sedum and Wild-flower has an additional 20 to 30 varieties of wild flower and meadow grasses. The Brown Wild flower has no sedum, just wildflowers and meadow grasses.


The carrier is made from a recycled HDPE plastic and performs the following roles. A water reservoir, drainage layer, protection from excessive drying of the roots from the airspace below, the cups greatly improve product handling making it easier to install.


The installation is easy as the GrufeTile's have a double action coupling system. The tabs on each edge of the tile connects to the spaces on the joining tile.


The substrate also know as media is a special mix that is designed specially for the GrufeKit. If you have specific needs on your planting for your project please contact us on 07422 517 193 and we will be happy to help you out.


Each GrufeTile is supplied with pre-grown plant coverage, growing on 60mm of 100% recycled growing media. The GrufeKit Sedum tile's have a saturated weight of 65kg per sq.m and the Brown Wildflower is 75kg per sq.m.


Key Facts

  • Compressive strength 2.000 Kg/sq.m
  • Water holding capacity of 20 litres/sq.m
  • UV resistant
  • Temperature range -50C to 80C
  • Carrier material is 100% regenerated
  • Carrier measures 540mm x 540mm x 90mm
  • Drainage Surface 318
  • Outflow Volume 40 l/sq.m
  • Saturated Weight Sedum Tile's 65kg/sq.m
  • Saturated Weight Brown Wildflower Tile's 75kg/sq.m
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Data sheet

Saturated Weight 65kg/sq.m
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