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Res-Tec Powder Hardener - 1kg

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The Flexitec 2020 Powder Hardener is used to catalyse primer & resin using a convenient measuring scoop provided

Up To 4% in cold temperatures

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Flexitec 2020 Powder Hardener is designed to be added to Flexitec 2020 Primer & Resins to initiate the curing process.

Flexitec 2020 Primer & Resins require Powder Hardener at a minimum of 2% and a maximum of 4% depending on temperature. To ensure that the curing process is not impeded:

  • Never use less than 2% even in hot conditions
  • Never use more than 4% even in cold conditions

Consult the application guide for correct use of this product

N.B. It is not recommended to Catalyse more than 5kg of primer and 10kg of resin at a time to ensure sufficient working times and consistency


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