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ELOTENE Vapour Barrier 1.08m x 10.0m

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Elotene DSN is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a total barrier against vapour and gases.

It consists of a self-adhesive low-thickness bituminous compound self protected by a glass fibre and a reinforced aluminium film. The glass fibre and polyester reinforcement makes the Membrane resistant to heavy worksite traffic

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Elotene DSN comprises an aluminium top surface which is double reinforced by an integral glass fibre and polyester film and a "high tack" self adhesive bitumen layer on the underside.

The polyester coating on the aluminium top surface not only provides protection from alkalis that may be present in concrete and screeds but also provides a surface on to which most polyurethane adhesives will adhere.

The high tensile strength and puncture resistance of Elotene DSN makes it suitable for use over profiled metal decking where resistance to worksite traffic is essential in order to maintain integrity of the vapour barrier.

Elotene DSN provides a fast and easy means of waterproofing a roof structure prior to the installation of insulation and waterproofing whilst also providing an effective vapour barrier without the need for hot works or naked flame in its application.

Elotene DSN may be incorporated as a vapour barrier beneath adhered and mechanically fixed roofing systems and may be used in a variety of other construction applications.


  • Waterproof & Self-adhesive
  • Cold applied without use of flames
  • Total Vapour, Radon and Methane Gas Barrier
  • Reinforced with glass fibre
  • Protected with reinforced aluminium film
  • Excellent puncture resistance

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