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UK Flat Roofing offers a wide range of services concerning flat roofing needs and materials, creating the perfect weatherproof and durable flat roof for your property. With our services, we are confident that you will find everything you need for all things flat roofing.

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Why Choose UK Flat Roofing?

Our services at UK Flat Roofing are well known in the UK, and we are recognised as one of the largest roofing and insulation specialists within the nation. Rated for excellence and years of experience behind each of our team members, UK Flat Roofing has a wide range of features that makes us stand out from the competition. These features include; 

  • Fast Nationwide Delivery 
  • Green Roofing & Environmentally Friendly Options 
  • COVID-19 Security 
  • Expert Flat Roofing Services
  • Clear Communication 


Q. What is flat roofing?

  • A Flat roofing is the method of applying a flat roof onto a property, which is a roof that is completely or almost level.  
  • Flat roofs can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it’s for spacing, or to allow it to be used as a patio area or green roof.
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Q. What is the benefit of a flat roof?

  • A. When opting for a flat roof application, there is a wide range of features that makes flat roofs more convenient for buyers. 
  • Lower construction and repair costs are one of the highlighted benefits in installing flat roofs, as it is easier to apply and maintain throughout its lifetime. It also takes up less space and can also use less material than traditional, sloped roofs. 

Q. How do flat roofs work? 

  • A. Flat roofs are installed with specific materials which allow the water to run off from the surface, which then goes into gutters - a commonly used method due to the cost-effective structure for flat roofs. 

Q. How much does a flat roof cost?

  • A. Having a flat roof installed within your property can cost around £1,000 to £5,000 on average. Although, there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing an instalment feature such as this. 
  • The type of roof, the location, size of the house, ease of access and expertise are all factors that will need to be considered to acquire a more concrete price for your roof.

Q. What material can be used for flat roofs? 

  • A. There are four commonly used materials in a flat roof application, which are felt, rubber, fibreglass and lead. These materials can be easily installed, which makes them ideal for flat roofs. 

Q. How do I maintain my flat roof? 

  • A. Keeping your flat roof in a substantial shape can be difficult if you don’t maintain it consistently. Periodical check-ups are essential for flat roof maintenance, as even smaller issues can lead to larger problems if left unattended. 
  • Keeping the roof clean, clearing a blockage from the drains and watching the weight of your flat roof (on seasonal circumstances such as when snow or ice are all factors you need to consider when maintaining your flat roof. 

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