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GRP & Liquid Roofing

Glass-fibre roofing (GRP) and Liquid roofing are two different forms of cold applied roofing that are both ideal for highly detailed and complicated roofs.

GRP is a flexible roofing resin with fibreglass strands used to reinforce the product. This method of roofing is very popular amongst roofers for its seamless finish.


Liquid roofing is a polyurethane liquid system that can be applied to most decks straight from the tin. This allows for easy installation and is ideal for refurbishment as well as new projects.

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Why Choose our Liquid Roofing Supply? 

UK Flat Roofing hosts one of the largest supplies of liquid rubber roofing products within the UK. In addition to our library of liquid roofing resources, our selection is also made and delivered with excellent quality in mind. 

What Makes our GRP Roofing Supplies Stand Out? 

Some products regarding GRP roofing can often have problems with reliability, but we are proud to highlight our products as both high-quality, durable, and reliable for whichever purpose they are used for. 

Offering fast delivery, expert advice, and other financing options available, UK Flat Roofing is the ideal choice for your GRP and liquid roofing needs. Check out more of our services, such as Green Roofing or Insulation supplies today.


How long will a GRP roof last? 

Like with a lot of other roofing systems, GRP roofs also last to a maximum of 30 years. Of course, this would depend entirely on the factors that could either help lengthen or damage the life expectancy of your GRP roofing system. 

How long does liquid rubber last? 

Compared to the GRP roofing system, liquid rubber commonly lasts for quite a few years without damage or losing any of its strength/sealing properties. So long as the membrane itself is not completely damaged, your liquid rubber membrane will remain intact for a long period.

How much does a liquid rubber cost?

On average, liquid rubber membranes typically cost around £1.00 - £1.20 per sq. ft. This would also depend on the quality of the liquid rubber membrane. 

Take a look at our high-quality products for more information on our prices for liquid rubber!

How good is GRP roofing? 

Considering the durability of GRP roofing, these types of roofing systems are optimal for those looking for a lightweight, and green roof. 

Most property owners also use this type of roofing system because of its reliability. The cost-effectiveness and ease of reparation make GRP roofing a standard choice for those needing roofs installed.