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RESITRIX is a 2.5mm thick hybrid roofing system with a 30 year BBA certification and a 50 year life expectancy. It is a glass fibre reinforced EPDM with a self adhesive modified bitumen backing.


This product is popular with many roofers due to the easy installation of a self adhering system in combination with heat guns for a secure fit. No naked flames are required to install this EPDM, making it much safer than other comparable products such as torch on felt.


The thickness also makes this system very durable and versatile, being used in applications usch as walkways, gutters, roofs and has also been used on train carriage roof's and even boat decks.


This system is available as rolls in a variety of sizes and can be ordered in the standard black colour SKW or partial bond SK P or in light grey SR. We can also supply the other varients of RESITRIX so if you need RESITRIX MB or CL please contact us.

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