PRO-GRP Acetone 5 Litre
  • PRO-GRP Acetone 5 Litre

Hertalan 1.0mm EPDM Rubber Membrane per square metre

VAT excluded
£10.50 Inc Vat

HERTALAN 1.0mm rubber membrane – this is the 2.8 metres wide option and can be bought in 0.5 metre intervals up to 20 metres. Please use the drop down box to select your required length. Please allow extra rubber to the size of your roof, a measuring guide is available below. For use on smooth surfaces we recommend using 1 tin of 5.3kg KS137 for every 3.5 metres purchased, please allow more if gluing to rough surfaces. You can also splice multiple membranes together by using KS96, each 290cc tube will do 8 linear metres.

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UK Flat Roofing 1.1mm EPDM rubber membrane is our own competitive, quality brand of rubber that is great for all types of roof. It can be fitted by both the DIY and professional and carries a 10 year product warranty from UK Flat Roofing, it also boasts a 50 year life expectancy. The rubber membrane can be bought in various widths and lengths offering minimal wastage. It is designed to be installed in one piece. If you have an L shaped or other shaped roof then 2 or more membranes can be spliced together to suit your needs (please see installation guides). The longest length for the rubber membrane is 20 metres and it can be bought at 0.5 metre intervals. For use on smooth surfaces we recommend using 6 tins of 0.9kg KS137 for every 10m2 this works out at approximately every 3.5 metres of 2.8m wide membrane required. For best results please add the multiples of this below, please allow more if gluing to rough surfaces. If splicing 2 or more sheets together please don't forget the KS96 mastic to seal the joint, each 290cc tube will do 8 linear metres.

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UK Flat Roofing EPDM Installation Video Guide

Installation Guides

Hertalans Installation Guide
- An installation guide directly from Hertalan, this can be used as a guide for installing all our EPDM rubber membranes.

UK Flat Roofing's EPDM Membrane Roofing Quick Guide - This is a guide we have put together that works with all our membranes and the roofing kits and gutter lining kits

Measuring Guide - Advice on how to measure your roof, to make sure the rubber isn't to short for your job


Data sheet

Price per m2
Life Expectancy
50 Years
1.25kg per M2

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